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Thank you so much!!! Your staff has been wonderful to Lexi' and us and Coach Tami has been my College Basketball Angel and I have told her that on more than one occasion. It definitely was an enlightening experience and would have been overwhelming without the excellent support, advice and direction from your staff. Again, thank you all so much!" - Karana T. (South Boston, VA)

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"You and your team lived up to your end of the deal and found Cydney a scholarship and place to play college volleyball. Thanks for your assistance!" - Wayne S. (El Paso TX)

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"Coach Jim & everyone on your staff did a great job in helping my son find a place at Biola University's basketball team. I have been recommending your service to everyone that is facing a similar situation with finding the right college. I will be contacting you soon to discuss my next son!" - Blake S. (Visalia, CA)