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"We believe that all high school athletes should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing sports in college."

BeTheBeast Inc was founded in 2011 with the mission of assisting high school athletes pursue their dreams of playing sports in college.

The Company's founders have the broad experience base required to deliver results in this highly competitive marketplace. They are former college coaches, scholarship athletes, technology entrepreneurs and financiers.

BeTheBeast focuses on creating an environment that fosters open engagement between college coaches actively seeking players and high school athletes aspiring to play at the next level. The Company builds trust with both parties by understanding the recruiting requirements of college programs and by qualifying the playing abilities of their student-athlete clients. BeTheBeast will never recommend a player to a college program unless that athlete has the ability to play at the school's level, is projected to academically meet the college's admissions requirements and the preferences of the family are met by the school's athletic and academic environment.

BeTheBeast Recruiting offers the industry's most comprehensive offline and online college sports recruiting solution. It combines the best of one-on-one recruiting coaching with the use of the industry's most powerful online recruiting platform. This breadth of expertise statistically increases a high school athlete's probability of being recruited to play sports in college.

Recruiting Technology - BeTheBeast Recruiting is the most advanced online recruiting platform in the industry. Their proprietary applications enable advanced recruiting strategies to be implemented that result in competitive advantage for BeTheBeast high school athletes.

Recruiting Expertise - BeTheBeast Recruiting has partnered with some of the top legends & global ambassadors in their respective sports. Their network of college coach contacts assures that BeTheBeast student-athletes get evaluated.

Recruiting Consulting - BeTheBeast Recruiting's staff of former college coaches serve as college sport placement counselors for their clients. They have an in depth knowledge of the recruiting process that assures BeTheBeast players get recruited.

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