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About Sinjin Smith

"We believe that all high school athletes should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing sports in college."

Sinjin Smith/BTB Recruiting Volleyball offers the industry's most comprehensive offline and online college sports recruiting solution. It combines the best of one-on-one recruiting coaching with the use of the industry's most powerful online recruiting platform. This breadth of expertise statistically increases a high school athlete's probability of being recruited to play sports in college.

Christopher St. John "Sinjin" Smith is regarded as one of the greatest volleyball players of all time. His accomplishments are unmatched in the sport and his contributions to the development of both indoor and beach volleyball is a primary reason for their prominence today. He is a former NCAA National Champion, College All-American, Olympian and World Champion.

He also founded the Sinjin VB company in 1996. The company conducts some of the top volleyball exposure events and his instructional camps are a requirement for serious players. Sinjin has dedicated his life to helping student-athletes improve their game and is also one of the world's leading talent evaluators in the sport.

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